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Official Personal Data Protection Fund

Decision from the US Trading Commission to open a personal data protection fund.

Payment of cash compensation has already begun! Payment is available to residents of all countries of the world. To calculate the amount of compensation you need to start the verification procedure. Below is the form to start

Check my data for leaks

On this special resource, you can check the data for leakage and receive a one-time monetary compensation.

To begin the process of checking your personal data, go to a special section of the site by clicking on the button above to find out the data in leaks

About Fund

The activities of the Personal Data Protection Fund include monitoring and detecting violations regarding the leakage of personal data to third parties from social networks and instant messengers.

In case of detection of data loss by the trading commission, it was decided to recover a fine in a commensurate amount of the damage caused to users. Subsequently, to pay compensation in proportion to the damage incurred for the user of a particular social network or messenger.

This procedure for checking for a perfect leak of data on personal data can be performed on this site. The whole procedure takes several steps, after which you can instantly receive compensation in your personal bank account, or in an electronic wallet.

The decision of the Personal Data Protection Fund for the verification of personal data cannot be challenged as part of the verification. All claims for suspicions of erroneous work of fund employees can be sent in the form of an appeal to the direct address of the US Trading Commission.